The challenges of recruitment in the traditional approach have been numerous.

Weak candidate pipeline

Too many vendors, too much to manage

Mining millions of profiles from multiple databases

Uninteresting employee referral program

Time to hire is too long

Expensive to hire

Not enough awareness

The power of recruber

Multi-Channel Integrated Candidate Sourcing

AI Driven Candidate Matching

Automated Candidate Outreach

Seamless Candidate Lifecycle Management

The Super Recruiter – recruber

Save upto 70% of your time when building a pipeline of high quality profiles

Reach out to a limitless expanded talent universe

50% faster TAT in achieving closures

recruber blends technology with intelligence
to deliver an integrated talent sourcing solution.

High-quality vetted
profiles in 48 hrs

Match profiles within

Save at least 70% of
recruiter time

25-50% cost savings
for an employer